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Benefits of Motion Graphics to Your Brand

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Benefits of Motion Graphics to Your Brand

One of the most popular marketing techniques is motion graphics. It combines text, images, color, and movement to provide visual video content. Do you wonder how it can be of help to your business? Then you should read through.

One of the most popular and beneficial marketing techniques is motion graphics. It combines text, images, color, and movement to provide visual video content. Nothing adds more quality to a project than a good motion design while trying to keep expenses down and come up with creative methods to interact with customers. Making an audience-impressive piece of material can be produced by adding minor animation aspects to static visuals to generate motion graphics.

Although motion graphics have been compared to animation, it should be noted that they are significantly different. The term "animation" is a catch-all for the entire genre of moving imagery, which includes anything from claymation to cartoons. 

Most importantly in this blog, we'll be discussing the benefits of motion graphics to your brand; why it's fantastic for differentiating your business from the competition, captivating potential customers, and convincing them to make a purchase. Let's get started. 

Higher Rate of Retention

Compared to static images or other text-based information, motion graphics have a greater rate of retaining viewers' attention. These days, almost everyone watches videos on a regular basis.

People primarily watch videos in two places: YouTube and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Both are overflowing with live-action material. 

Any type of animation, including motion graphics, is already stylized and appropriate for thumbnails and small screens. They automatically stand out from the rest of the text since the lines are clean and there is lots of contrast.

Therefore, animation would be the way to go if you want your marketing films to have higher clickthrough rates. It's catchy even when it's motionless, increasing your clickthrough rate by anywhere between 26 and 85%.

In a positive way, motion graphics stand out like a sore thumb no matter where you place them. 

Simplifies Difficult Subjects Into Concise Messages 

Do you have a highly technical or innovative product? Do you provide a highly technical service that 99.99% of the general public is unable to even begin to comprehend?

It's wonderful when you can sit down with a prospective client or consumer and fully explain everything. But sometimes, teaching your prospects the magnificence of your offer, making the connection between what you do and how it aids in their fulfillment without boring them could be a difficult challenge

However, most brands do not have the luxury of having in-depth face-to-face conversations with interested customers. As a result, a very effective format must be used. It could be text, audio, video, or a combination of it all. 

It is extremely important to be able to synthesize and combine several informational streams into a coherent message. It can aid in explaining anything, including theoretical physics, nanotechnology, robotics, finance, law, and policymaking. For those who learn best visually, eye-catching graphics would do. For individuals who learn best by reading, there is text, numbers, and data. Voiceover narration should be provided for individuals who learn best by listening. 

Fast & Economical 

Motion graphics significantly reduce costs. Using a few visuals instead of a person avoids the price of engaging someone to explain things. A location, studio, and often a whole team are needed for live-action video production, which is highly expensive. The creation of motion graphics, on the other hand, can be sped up with the use of a computer. 

This is very effective in email marketing. It has been demonstrated that including motion graphics in emails doubled the actual open rate and quadrupled traffic on blogs and websites.

Convincing And Fit For All Brands

The main attraction of motion graphics is how effective it is in persuasion. As a business owner or marketer, strong motion graphics can help you achieve your main objective by persuading viewers to agree with you. The ability of content to engage users is one of its key advantages. To win prospects' trust, content must present facts rather than speculations, and data rather than personal opinions. Motion graphics can raise conversion rates by 20% or even up to 80%.

Also, you can combine motion graphics with another style to create a story or deliver a message about an amazing product that alleviates the heated, burning discomfort your prospects feel.

When it comes to motion graphics, the possibilities are endless. Motion graphics can be effortlessly incorporated with other forms of animation, including 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and kinetic typography, to create an engaging message.


Motion graphics are here to stay for the near future. Motion graphics are more than just attractive animations. Motion graphics allow for the creation of great content in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost to businesses. It is also a terrific way to tell stories since they are more enduring, have greater retention rates, and are more memorable. Additionally, you are not required to hire a full cast and crew.

Given their advantages, it's no surprise that most brands and companies are using motion graphics as a kind of marketing content. They are unique in their ability to effectively advertise and communicate ideas.

Do you intend to produce spectacular animated videos or motion graphics for your company? Please get in touch with us at Front Tribe.

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